We look to the future

Nrg4You S.r.l. is an innovative company of high technological value products and services. Specifically we deal with industrial research, prototyping, production and marketing of products and services for Sustainable Mobility, production of energy from renewable sources and energy efficiency.

The effort made by the company stems from the belief that, in a constantly evolving market, in the coming decades the increasingly strong need to identify and develop new sources of energy that are safe, reliable and sustainable for the environment will be amplified.


Our mission is to spread the exploitation of natural resources and the sustainable exploitation of energy produced by inexhaustible sources such as sun, wind and water to allow future generations to live in a better world.


From this belief our commitment is born in a constantly evolving market that needs to identify and develop alternative, safe and sustainable energy sources.


We value natural resources and work towards an eco-sustainable exploitation of energy sources. For us, generating energy in an ethical and sustainable way is an absolute priority that cannot be postponed.

Nrg4You nrg4You

Business timeline

Foundation (2014)

On March 31st Nrg4You S.r.l. following the admission to the Invitalia Smart and Start call

Prototypes and patents (2015-2017)

First research and development activities in the field of green building, reaching the first GravityPower® prototypes. In addition, it initiates research activities in the field of Sustainable Mobility. It concludes the research and development activities in the field of Sustainable Mobility by patent protection of the results achieved

Turning point (2019)

Nrg4You from the Start-Up phase moves on to that of Scale-Up by launching itself into the market of sustainable mobility with hi-tech and design products