The BoomerWind is a vertical axis micro-generator for urban use that has as its distinctive characteristic wing-shaped boomerang-shaped profiles in marine teak that make it particularly pleasant from an aesthetic point of view. They also guarantee greater performance in terms of performance and reduce noise emissions due to wind friction.

The functional design determines an enormous potential in terms of economic savings, allowing to reduce the supply of energy from the national electricity grid coming from fossil sources and contributes to the reduction of CO2 and of the climate-altering gas fumes that poison the air that breathe.

The primary objective is the implementation and dissemination of techniques and technologies for generating electricity from the wind in urban areas, where the requirements of visual and acoustic impact are fundamental. Especially in Italian historical centers, rich in historical and cultural heritage, the presence of micro wind systems can be pleasant.

Of course urban areas have very different climatic and wind conditions: some cities may have rather high wind speeds and low turbulence, although in most urban areas the presence of buildings and other obstacles tends to create a "Venturi" effect, whereby the wind slips between the buildings, increasing its speed, determining an ideal condition for the use of vertical axis micro wind turbines, such as those designed by us precisely for these areas.

Although the morphology of the cities is articulated and different from place to place, one of the elements common to many urban centers is undoubtedly the presence of suburbs that are characterized by the presence of multi-storey buildings. The use of urban micro-turbines with vertical axis allows to take advantage of the heterogeneous and differentiated conditions of urban areas to save and self-produce energy from renewable sources.