Rapid prototyping with 3D printers will allow you to create your prototype, which is the first product of a future final production series.

Rapid prototyping is a very delicate operation, and it is a technique that completely satisfies the designer's needs, immediately giving the emotion of a perfect prototype, allowing it to appreciate its geometries, shapes and any other useful feature to evaluate the feasibility and adequacy of the finished product, before organizing and planning the production.

3D printing

The additive 3D printing process allows the union of materials to manufacture objects or prototypes from computerized 3D models, superimposing the various layers on top of one another, thus differentiating from the subtractive production technique.

To whom it is addressed

The reference sectors are many. Rapid prototyping has no limits of shapes or geometries and the materials that can be used can be multiple. Prototyping can be applied in different sectors: design, architecture, engineering, jewelery, dentistry and industrial.

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