ReStation Totem


La ReStation is a charging station for electric vehicles with highly advanced electronics of the V2I (Vehicle To Infrastructure) type. The ReStation is equipped with advanced intelligent electronics that can be managed through an appropriate App or the online portal.

Main features

- Variable power: from 3.7 kW to 63 kW
- Station management via App
- Charge management
- Power Balance: managing the energy supply
- Billing System: accounting and paying for the energy withdrawn
- Booking Service: locate and book a station
- RFID, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connections
- In the event of a violent collision the station disconnects the current and sends a message to the control panel
- V2I: Vehicle to Infrastructure, a communication system between cars and infrastructure
- V2G: Vehicle to Grid, energy input in the system
- Reverse Mode: use the energy stored in the car to power the home
- Compatible with wind and photovoltaic systems
- Video surveillance
- Face Recognition
- Air quality analysis sensor
- Proximity Marketing
- Totally customizable

Technical data sheet