Smart Island ReCharge

The Smart Island ReCharge is an eolo-photovoltaic shelter for recharging electric vehicles that uses solar and wind energy, and offers a series of services aimed at improving the liveability of public and / or private places.

- USB charge for smartphones, tablets, laptops and video devices
- Free Wi-Fi zone
- RFID traking for bike and car sharing services
- Weather Station: air quality monitoring (PM10)
- SOS Totem with tourist and commercial information
- Luminous LED display for the transmission and sale of variable message advertising spaces
- Video surveillance system
- Face Recognition
- Point to point data transmission system

The Smart Island ReCharge has a patented design with soft and harmonious architectural lines that together with the use of 100% recyclable precious materials such as natural wood, steel and crystal, create a compositional and orderly harmony, which highlight the distinctive characteristics of the infrastructure. It becomes an urban furnishing element that is shaped by the surrounding landscape, both of historical and contemporary value.

The distinctive elements that allow us to differentiate ourselves from the competition are:

1. Patented design of the shelter;
2. Patented design of the wind turbine;
3. Industrial invention patent for the wind turbine transmission system;
4. Modular infrastructure;
5. Simultaneous production of solar and wind energy;
6. Smart infrastructure that offers a series of additional interactive services.